Envisioned in 2019

“Drifter Graphics” is the label for an up-and-coming freelancing connection based in South Florida. I initiated this project with the intention to make the matter of providing certain services as personalized as possible. This means taking every need of the customer into consideration and not resting until the project is perfected in both my vision and especially the vision of my customer. Almost a year prior to coming up with the label “Drifter Graphics”, I had photographed around four houses, all of which were satisfied with their products. I intend to continue this tradition for as long as the flame of “Drifter Graphics” burns bright.

I look forward to working with you.

Omar m. Elsehrawy


To provide the most accustomed, efficient, and best service possible to the customers in my local area as well as those reaching out online, whether it be with real estate photography, photo editing, website building, or video editing.


To bridge the gap between freelancer and consumer to create the most memorable personalized experience possible.